Where does morality come from?

Who decides what is morally right and wrong?  It is a simple question which philosophers have debated for millennia.  We could say that it is up to the society in which we live to determine the matter.  This means that as social attitudes change so judgements about right and wrong are in a constant state of flux.  Things that were considered right and proper in the UK a century ago are illegal now, and vice versa.  Different societies and cultures around the world come to different moral conclusions.

Another possibility is that it is for individuals to decide right and wrong for ourselves based on our own personal opinions.  The difficulty with this approach is that opinion is no guarantee of correctness.  Just because I say something is right does not mean that it is. Others may disagree.

The Bible offers up a completely different approach.  It teaches that as the creator of heaven and earth and the one who gives us “life and breath and all things” it is God who decides what is right and wrong for all time.  As those who are created it is our duty to listen and obey; this is, in fact, the very purpose of our existence.  People who do right (as defined by Him) will be rewarded with eternal life in His Kingdom to come.

Ultimately the answer we make depends on our personal faith.  If we consider the evidence and conclude that God exists then we will be inclined to believe He is the arbiter of right and wrong and live in hope of the promised reward. 

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An invitation to forever

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Do you think they are just stories?

Many people will have heard of the Bible stories ‘Jonah and the big fish’, or ‘David and Goliath’, and there are many others we may have heard as children.

Have you ever given them any thought beyond acknowledging them as ‘stories’ which may have a moral tale to tell? Have you ever thought of them as anything more than ‘children’s stories’? 

If you consider that the Bible is God’s Word to mankind, it would be fair to ask ‘Why has God chosen to include these stories in such an important book?’

Give the stories a second thought and you will be surprised what elevated thinking is behind these seemingly simple, but memorable, stories. They are certainly not only children’s stories. 

For example, why is the detail given to us in the story of David and Goliath about the stone hitting Goliath in the forehead? There must be something of particular interest about that for the detail to be recorded by God. 

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Virtual Bible Exhibition

Our touring National Bible Exhibition is not open anywhere due to current restrictions but you can take a virtual tour with the added bonuses of being able to take as long as you like and having unlimited visits at times that suit you. It is an excellent resource where you can read each panel clearly and listen to the audio commentary if you chose to.

There is a huge amount of information under the general categories:

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