Do you think they are just stories?

Many people will have heard of the Bible stories ‘Jonah and the big fish’, or ‘David and Goliath’, and there are many others we may have heard as children.

Have you ever given them any thought beyond acknowledging them as ‘stories’ which may have a moral tale to tell? Have you ever thought of them as anything more than ‘children’s stories’? 

If you consider that the Bible is God’s Word to mankind, it would be fair to ask ‘Why has God chosen to include these stories in such an important book?’

Give the stories a second thought and you will be surprised what elevated thinking is behind these seemingly simple, but memorable, stories. They are certainly not only children’s stories. 

For example, why is the detail given to us in the story of David and Goliath about the stone hitting Goliath in the forehead? There must be something of particular interest about that for the detail to be recorded by God. 

Watch our presentation on the subject ‘The Bible: a book for all ages’. It’s less than an hour long and you can find it on our YouTube channel. 

You won’t be disappointed, and maybe this lockdown will change your life for better in a different way than you thought.