Is the situation in the Ukraine causing you distress?

If it is, it’s hardly surprising—it’s a horrific spectacle! On 24th February the world woke up to the shocking news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. It has become increasingly evident as the war has progressed that Putin is determined to conquer Ukraine, whatever the human and economic cost.

World leaders are asking the questions: Where next? Where will Putin stop his expansive aggression? Given his unpredictability, he has everyone guessing.

Bible prophecy, however, is clear. Ezekiel Ch. 38 describes a major invasion of the Middle East, focussed on Israel. This invasion is carried out by a confederacy of nations led by a power named “Gog”, the ruler over a territory whose ancient names are identified by historians as modern Russia (Ezekiel 38 v1-3). Significantly, the leader of this invading confederacy, Gog, is also described as ruling “Magog”. Ancient maps show the area of Magog situated between the River Don and River Danube, encompassing the country we now know as Ukraine.

This invasion of the Middle East will culminate in the battle of Armageddon, in the Land of Israel (Revelation 16v16). Not the end of the World in nuclear conflagration, as some fear, but the beginning of a new and better era for this World. Ezekiel 38 v 21-23 describes God’s destruction of the invading armies, and the world beginning to realise that there is a God, whose purpose with this Earth will be accomplished.

It will be the time when Jesus Christ returns to this earth (Revelation 16v15) to set up the Kingdom of God, ruling with justice and authority to achieve the words of Isaiah 2 v 4 “…they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” (ESV)

As believers in God, we long for that day.

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The Miracle of the Human Body

We have been awed by some of the feats we have seen at the recent Winter Olympics, but have you REALLY thought about how your body works and how amazing it is?
Just take a relatively simple process like moving your hand. The brain emits a chemical message, which triggers a nerve fibre to conduct an electrochemical signal to the point where the nerve meets the muscle. Then the muscle cell must respond and cause the muscle fibres inside it to contract. Each of these steps must work in order to do a simple thing like lifting a hand.
Every part of this process requires energy — chemical energy which is produced by a very special protein inside each of your cells, called ATP Synthase. It works in a very similar way to an electric motor, to create the fuel that your body needs to use to power almost all the processes needed to keep you alive and functioning.

A nerve cell

The detail of the simplest part of an ATP Synthase is mind-boggling; the arrangement of all the component parts is staggering. Gorseinon Christadelphians have produced a video which looks in some detail at how one of the most basic actions in life requires a hugely complex system, and asks the question whether it could occur by chance.

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