Is the situation in the Ukraine causing you distress?

If it is, it’s hardly surprising—it’s a horrific spectacle! On 24th February the world woke up to the shocking news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. It has become increasingly evident as the war has progressed that Putin is determined to conquer Ukraine, whatever the human and economic cost. World leaders are asking the questions: Where … Continue reading Is the situation in the Ukraine causing you distress?

The Miracle of the Human Body

We have been awed by some of the feats we have seen at the recent Winter Olympics, but have you REALLY thought about how your body works and how amazing it is?Just take a relatively simple process like moving your hand. The brain emits a chemical message, which triggers a nerve fibre to conduct an … Continue reading The Miracle of the Human Body

When God Seems Distant

We have a bit of a dilemma when considering our relationship with God – how to establish and grow a connection with someone who is invisible to our eyes.  Because we can’t see Him It is easy to imagine that He is distant, in some far away part of space, and it seems ridiculous to … Continue reading When God Seems Distant


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