The Jubilee of Jubilees

Queen Elizabeth II has become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne. It’s a momentous occasion that has been celebrated all over the world, from Great Britain to Canada, Australia to the Bahamas.

But did you know that the ‘year of jubilee’ is also mentioned in the Bible, recorded more than 3500 years ago? This jubilee was a time of celebration too, and it occurred every 50 years in Israel. During the Jubilee year, all slaves were freed and all property that had been sold to pay off debts was returned to its original owner. Both people and land were liberated – set free! It was a truly joyful occasion.

These days, we are so concerned about the state of the world. We see wars, suffering, famine and violence on a daily basis. Yet, this negativity will be put to one side on the 2nd of June as people come together to honour and celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for this joy and peace to last forever? To no longer hear of wars, illnesses and suffering, but love, kindness and good health. To no longer be in debt, sick or frail? To never again be tempted by our own guilty pleasures or feel remorse for people that we’ve hurt with our words and actions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be truly free from all of that?

Well, God has promised us that this will be the case. A king is coming who will unite all nations and people on Earth. A king who is fair and just, pure and without sin. In fact, he will take away all sin and death from this world.
This king is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. His jubilee will bring a freedom like no other! His kingdom will cover the whole Earth, his reign will last for eternity. A kingdom of peace, liberty and love.
The question is – will you be there?

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