What do you believe in?

It is easy to mock someone for believing in something which is different from our own beliefs—and everyone believes in something. It is also increasingly easy to be mocked for believing in God and His word, the Bible.

One of the most common accusations levelled at believers is around having a ‘blind faith’ i.e. nothing substantial to back up a very serious faith position.

In the latest video that we uploaded to our YouTube channel we have a personal perspective on this subject—one of our congregation talking about why they believe in the Bible and the impact it has on their life.

Far from being a ‘blind faith’, they derive their belief from a logical, reasoned position which comes from experience, observation and thoughtfulness— things we all possess.

If you’re willing to watch and listen for 30-40 minutes, you’ll discover some of the reasoned arguments which may also
resonate with you.

Creation—did everything come from nothing without an incredible designer behind it?

Morality—is there really no right and wrong except what we decide on the day?

Prophecy—the Bible makes some incredible predictions and gets them right; can this be chance?

To hear more on this, check out our presentation video ‘My faith—Why I believe in the Bible’ on our YouTube channel.

Photo 31791036 / Faith Doubt © Paul Looyen | Dreamstime.com